About Us

Luxurious and functional, pre-fabricated stone counter tops offer a practical way for homeowners to imbue their personal spaces with natural beauty and distinctive elegance. Vanity Tops Plus delivers an unparalleled selection of pre-fab sink counter tops, crafted from the most exquisite materials on the market. From rare blue marble to exotic granite , our exotic styles cater to a broad range of discriminating tastes in home décor. Sourcing stone from our quarries and many others around the world, we hand-select each cut for its striking pattern and vivid color. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that combines the durability of natural material with the singular beauty of a work of art. Our collection comprises more than 300 types of stone in a variety of edging, shapes and finishes; we are confident that you’ll find the perfect vanity top to enhance your space.